Birthday - May 18

Favorite Drink

I love Whiskey!


I've been tending bar for 15 years between Montdale and Pittsburgh.


One spring morning, a newborn baby was dropped off on the pool table of the iconic Boyarsky’s Tavern, set in the idyllic Endless Mountains of Montdale, Pennsylvania. Swaddled in an empty cardboard Michelob Ultra box, with nothing more than two purple Crown Royal bags duct taped together for a blanket, he looked cold, yet still very, very handsome. The barmaid and her husband took pity on the helpless infant, named the boy Jerry, and decided that they would raise him alongside their children as one of their own. And raise young Jerry they did, in the only manner they knew how: as a quick-witted, speed-pouring bartender. And in serendipitous fashion, the boy took to life behind the ol’ wooden rail like a duck takes to water. For a teething ring, his parents gave him a corkscrew. He could long pour his own baby formula into a Collins glass, not one drop hitting the mattress in his crib. He won his first national mojito contest at age 7, earning particularly high marks for farming his own mint. By 12, he was moonlighting after little league games as a bartender at University of Scranton fraternity parties, mixing green teas shots and red-headed sluts until the sunrise. At age seventeen, he cut off a drunken grizzly bear, roaring with a mouthful of dagger teeth and a whiskey bottle’s worth of rage, who had wandered in from the forests of Scott Township. Young Jerry even convinced the the surly mammal to apologize and leave a decent tip, and summoned him an Uber safely back to his den (They are still in touch, and the bear calls him Uncle Jer to this day). It was on this fateful night that Jerry, now a man in the eyes of the bartending gods, earned the nickname ‘Ursa Major’, Latin for ‘The Big Bear’. And notoriously, in a season 9 episode of Cheers!, bartending deity Sam Malone can be seen hanging a life-size poster of teenage Jerry scolding the bear above the desk in his infamous office, to which Kristie Alley’s character Rebecca winks and makes a suggestive comment.  Jerry has been with the VSpot since 2013. He likes his wife, his dog, whiskey, the NBA, Taylor Swift’s last two albums, and you guys:)