About Us

June 2019


First and Foremost, we're stoked that you're curious about this bar!

Chances are very good you have already heard of us, even know people who come here, but for whatever the reason may be, you still haven't made it inside for some fun. 

Did that describe you? 

It's cool if it did! 

We'd like you to know more "about us" so you're as comfortable as possible right from the get go!

Ok, from the top!

In the summer of 2010, Frank and I borrowed against everything we currently owned in hope's of resurrecting a then defunct, weed ridden property known as 'JD's Crackers'. Once a very popular bar.

Neither of us had ever owned a bar before. 

Equally as risky, we had never even met each other  before June of that same year! But Frank understood business and I understood people. 

He owned his own construction company, and I was a 45 to 55 hour per week bartender at several different bars in the local area (ie. Cooper's Seafood, Damon's, Jack's Draft House and The Green Frog to name a few). 

Together we believed opening up a rock n' roll bar was the rock n' roll thing to do!

But by opening day, almost $70,000 was financed to get started. Instead of feeling "Yeah, let's do this!!!" we were more nauseous from the anxiety of it all. 

Would we make it? What'll happen if we don't?

Current day scoop: WE. KICKED. ASS.

Unbelievably awesome staff matched with the nicest group of "regulars" is what defines us! Live music is what rocks us! 

Our business grew and grew, more and more, year after year...

And by 2017, we neded to add on to our building. 

Creating additional space necessary to accommodate the growing crowds, this new room allowed us to build a permanent multi-level stage in our existing space. A state of the art p.a. system was installed and an equally impressive lighting system was put in place as well. 

Every single day of the week there is either acoustic musicians, full bands or DJ's performing front and center for our guests. The V Spot truly is ALIVE!

Do I go on and on about our excellent food and massive drink selection? 

I could.... but it's so much more fun when you experience great quality and service without too much reservation. 

Here however are some things you should know!

The V Spot Bar has:

• 14 different beers on tap

• over 125 different bottled beers

• 2 hour Happy Hours everyday

• Large, two-tier stage highlighting live performers

• Stage lighting investment totals over $12,000

• In-house state of the art QSC p.a. system

• 1 pool table and 2 dart machines

• AMI video jukebox

• 29 seats around a large oval bar

• 5 high top tables that seat 16

• 25 additional stools

• 12 TV's

• 3 skill machines

• Karaoke every Sunday

• Host venue for the 'Steamtown Music Awards’

• Host venue for NEPA Scene's Open-Mic series 'Rising Talent'

• 1 cigarette machine

•we are a smoking friendly establishment.

So yeah... WE MADE IT!!!

On behalf of Frank and our entire staff, we're beyond grateful to still be here!

Thank you so much for reading...

~ Vinnie