YOU’RE SOOOO NOSEY!!! Fine, here is even more about us…

The following was written in February of 2016

The V Spot is still growing. 

...And there's really nothing fancy about us at all. No amazing decor. No crazy drink menus or shooter girls. No "penny 'til ya pee yourselves" specials either. In fact, we're a lot like most other corner or neighborhood bars. There's cigarette butts in the parking lot until rain or wind swoop them away. Our entrance and vestibule (if not kept up with) can collect a whole lotta crap from just being 25 feet off of Providence Road. This isn't the nicest looking entrance in town, and we don't care... 'cause it's who's inside that makes this place so kick ass! 

Fair prices, great entertainment and the most fun group of bartenders you'll find anywhere await you. Sure, after reading this you're gonna expect your ass to be tickled with a feather upon ordering your Malibu Bay Breeze. Yep, we understand (Bobby probably will anyway) but we can get really busy and where exactly would we store then dispose of all those ticklers (ya' know?). 

Seriously...Get here. Check us out. Doesn't matter what day or time. From our bouncer Keenan, all the way back to our chef Bernie, all we want you to have is a fkn' blast! That's our vibe! Don' get mad if we're having more fun than you, Life's short! This is probably why most of you have heard about us already! 

Below are some general facts for those who did, but mostly for those who didn't enjoy the fluff-job we just gave ya.....We're goofs, try to get to know us all and we'll do the same in return. We've made friendships for life at this bar, and are damn proud of all our success thus far.

⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆Fluff / FACTS ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇

-Entertainment 7 days a week (Karaoke on Sunday evenings)

-29 seats around large oval bar

-Seating for 30+ more in dining area and rails

-Over 100 micro brew bottle selection

-14 different beers on tap

-2 hour Happy Hours everyday ($1 off all drinks)

-Pool Table, Megatouch, AMI Video Jukebox, Dart Machine, and Golden Tee

-The V Spot Bar is a smoking-friendly establishment. Bring 'em, Smoke-Eaters are in tip top shape.


Bring that "not too much fun" friend you have, we'll perform at least one good "feather-job" on them for ya.

Sincere and Grateful for your past, present and future business;